Milling Equipment

  • Type: Kitamura HX300iF Horizontal Machining Center with Pallet Changer
  • Type: Kitamura HX-250iF Horizontal Machining Center With Pallet Changer
  • Type: Kitamura HX400ia Horizontal Milling Center With 15.7” Sq. Pallet Changer
  • Type: Fadal VMC-4020 Machining Center
  • Type: Fadal VMC-40 Machining Center
  • Type: Haas VF-6 Machining Center
  • Type: Kitamura 4 axis Milling Center
  • Type: Miyano MTV-C310 With Rotary Pallet Changer

CNC Turning Equipment

  • Type: Tsugami B2O6-III Turning Center with LNS GT326 Magazine Bar Feeder
  • Type: Kia SKT100 Turning Center with LNS Bar Feeder
  • Type: Miyano BNC 42C5 with Spego Bar Feeder
  • Type: Tsugami BS12-III Swiss Turning With Genius 112 Barfeeder
  • Type: Tsugami BU26-SY Swiss with Bar Feeder
  • Type: Miyano BND-425S 3-Axis Turning Center with Sub Spindle and Spego 66-13 Bar Feeder
  • Type: Miyano BNA-42DHY Lathe with Bar feeder
  • Type: Citizen M32 Swiss Turning with Iemca Magazine Bar Feeder

Quality Assurance

  • Type: Numerex Automatic Coordinate Measuring Machine With CMM Manager Software
  • Type: Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Type: Micro-VU Optical Comparators (2)
  • Type: Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator Coordinate Measuring Machine with 20” Display
Turret Lathe

Manual Turning and Milling Equipment

  • Type: Hardinge Turret Lathe
  • Type: Hardinge Chucker
  • Type: Bridgeport Milling Machine

Surface Grinder

Misc. Equipment

  • Gallmeyer & Livingston Surface Grinder
  • Amada HA-250 Horizontal Bandsaw

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